In July 2019 I joined a mission to Tanzania, Africa to help teach and train local surgeons some of the reconstructive techniques I use in my London practice. 

The BFIRST charity co-ordinated a team of 4 surgeons to volunteer following a request for support from one of the large regional hospitals just outside Dar es-Salam.  Our goal was to teach and train local surgeons and surgical trainees as well as begin to develop longer term relationships for future international support.  Over the course of the week I was involved in over 30 operations from the management of bone cancer to major burns scars in children

I trained local surgeons in large soft tissue reconstruction in debilitating burn scar contractures.  We also made assessments of other healthcare facilities and met with senior healthcare politicians to map out how we can build on this first trip for future support missions. 


Tanzania is a beautiful country, home to incredibly kind and generous people who have comparatively little and share all they have.  I have stayed in contact with the surgeons I met and provide advice remotely for their complex cases.